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Building Civil Air Defense Testing Technology Center

The Materials and Energy Efficiency Testing Department is mainly engaged in all projects such as building energy efficiency testing and building decoration materials and safety products.

Building energy efficiency testing includes: the inspection of exterior doors and windows of buildings; Triple sex; And insulation performance testing; Thermal conductivity testing of building materials; Testing of the structure, impact resistance, and bonding strength of the external wall insulation system; The relevant material testing items required by building energy efficiency regulations and technical standards.

Architectural decoration materials and safety products include: interior and exterior wall coatings, waterproof coatings, decorative panels, ceramic tiles and their supporting materials, etc; Wire, cable, glass, insulation profiles, adhesive or structural sealing materials, etc; Steel pipes, scaffolding fasteners, safety nets, etc.

Our department has ****** testing instruments and equipment, as well as complete supporting facilities. We have 96 sets of equipment for building energy conservation testing, building decoration materials and safety product testing, which can meet the needs of testing work. Among them, intelligent door and window physical performance testing system, door and window insulation performance testing equipment, thermal conductivity tester, microcomputer controlled electronic testing machine, building material non combustible testing device, hydraulic testing machine, electro-hydraulic pressure testing machine, fully automatic bending and pressure testing machine, steel pipe fastener mechanical performance testing machine, high-strength bolt torque tester The high-strength bolt anti slip coefficient tester has introduced computer detection information management software, which has the function of automatic data collection and processing. The total building area of the house is 2712 square meters, with a testing area of 2200 square meters and a constant temperature laboratory of 250 square meters, ensuring the standard maintenance of various testing samples.

We will adhere to the concept of honest service and a rigorous work style to provide customers with accurate and reliable inspection data and high-quality and satisfactory services. Our department hopes to continuously improve its own strength to explore a wider market, provide higher quality services, and create a more ******** enterprise quality. In line with the spirit of; Science, Justice, Integrity, and Efficiency; The quality policy of improving management level internally and providing high-quality services externally ensures the fairness, scientificity, and authority of testing work.