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Special Equipment Inspection Technology Center

The Special Equipment Inspection Technology Center has a professional high-end technical team and inspection and testing equipment, which can provide comprehensive special equipment inspection services to ensure the quality and safety of customers' equipment. Our inspection business includes but is not limited to industrial pipelines, public pipelines, atmospheric storage tanks, material performance testing, welding joint testing, and other categories, all using the most rigorous inspection standards and processes to ensure the accuracy and reliability of inspection results.

Our technical team has received professional training and qualification certification, and has rich practical inspection experience. We will provide customers with comprehensive and personalized inspection plans to ensure that their special equipment meets national standards and industry requirements.

The Special Equipment Inspection Technology Center has always been committed to providing customers with the highest quality services and continuously improving and optimizing our technology to meet the constantly changing market and customer needs. We believe that with our technical support, customers' special equipment will achieve higher quality and safety.