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Anhui Huaxia High tech Development Co., Ltd. Quality Commitment:

Fully implement relevant national laws, regulations, and technical standards, strictly follow the "Management Regulations for Special Equipment Testing Institutions", TSG Z7003-2004 "Quality Management System Requirements for Special Equipment Testing Institutions", GB/T19001-2008 (ISO9001:2008 idt) "Quality Management System Requirements" GB/T27025-2008 (ISO/IEC17025:2005 idt) "General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories" and "Guidelines for the Accreditation and Evaluation of Laboratory Qualifications" and other standard specifications, continuously improving the quality system to ensure its continuous and effective operation.

1. Regularly or irregularly provide various trainings to our employees to improve their overall quality. Testing personnel must be certified and undergo testing in accordance with the law.

2. Our company's instruments and equipment must meet the requirements of metrological certification, ensuring that all measuring instruments are used within the valid period of metrological verification.

3. All employees must strictly follow the "Quality Manual", "Procedure Documents", "Operation Instructions" and relevant rules and regulations in the testing work. Any negative behavior that affects the testing quality must be held accountable for quality.

4. Pay attention to feedback on quality information, and actively, objectively, and fairly handle customer complaints about the quality of supervision and testing work. The quality information feedback requirements of the company's location require a response within 12 hours and a resolution within two days; Quality information feedback within this province requires a response within 24 hours and a resolution within three days; Quality information feedback from other provinces and cities requires a response within 36 hours and a resolution within five days.

5. Establish a comprehensive quality supervision network to effectively supervise the operation of the quality system.

6. Regularly or irregularly organize audits and reviews of the quality system to ensure that our company's quality activities operate in accordance with the provisions of the Quality Manual, ensuring that the quality system always meets the needs of testing quality work.

Anhui Huaxia High tech Development Co., Ltd. Quality Policy and Objectives

(1) Quality Policy:

Technology promotes inspection, high-quality service, and safe production.

The inspection of special equipment through technological advancement is guided by science and technology, strengthening the detection technology, equipment, and talents, and ensuring the accuracy of special equipment inspection through technology.

High quality service pursues integrity, fairness, accuracy, and speed.

Special equipment testing for safety production must adhere to the principle of serving safety production

This policy is communicated to all employees and obtained by relevant parties.

(2) Quality objectives:

1. The accuracy of detection data is higher than 98%.

2. The A-level error rate (detection conclusion error) of the test report is 0, the B-level error rate (general error, which does not affect the correctness of the conclusion, but needs to notify the customer about correction matters) does not exceed 0.5%, and the C-level error rate (printing and other errors, which do not affect the detection conclusion and individual detection results, etc.) does not exceed 2%.

3. The implementation rate of standards, specifications, and regulations is 100%.

4. The contract performance rate is 100%.

5. Government special equipment safety supervision department and customer satisfaction at the end of the year 100%

6. There are no accidents throughout the year, no casualties, no quality inspection accidents, no fire or pollution accidents.