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Anhui Huaxia High tech Development Co., Ltd. is located in Fengzhigu Science and Technology Park, Hefei, Anhui, China. Founded in 1999, it currently has 150 employees and an office and laboratory area of approximately 4700 square meters. It is a third-party comprehensive inspection and testing institution specializing in technical services such as special equipment inspection and testing, material analysis and evaluation, building civil air defense engineering, non-destructive new technology research and application, and standard formulation.In 2002, it obtained the "Approval Certificate for S...
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Service Area

Special equipment

Pipeline network inspection; Boiler, pressure vessel, and pressure pipeline inspection; New device detection; Acoustic emission testing of pressure equipment and storage tanks; Regular non-destructive testing, etc.


Long distance pipeline inspection; Natural gas station detection; Inspection of LNG storage tanks and spherical tanks; Survey of buried pipeline networks; Non destructive testing of special equipment for oil drilling;


Industrial pipeline inspection; Pressure vessel inspection; Oil tank inspection; Spherical tank inspection; In service inspection; Hydrogenation reactor detection; Corrosion detection of heat exchange tube bundles;

Chemical Industry

Inspection of special structural welds in gasifiers; Pipeline and container testing for acetic acid, chlor alkali, coal chemical, coal to oil and other devices;


Inspection of boiler water-cooled wall pipes, headers, and containers; Bolt inspection; Inspection of condenser and high-pressure heater heat exchanger;


Inspection of steel structures in blast furnaces, converters, and factory buildings; Large ladle inspection; Inspection of forgings, castings, pipes, and plates;


Structural inspection; Network structure T, K, Y joint detection;


Non destructive testing for mechanical equipment maintenance and manufacturing; Inspection of the transmission shaft;


Testing of the quality of welds, fittings, joints, bolts, and adhesives; Detection of damage such as corrosion, layering, voids, and debonding; Ductility, tensile strength and fracture toughness test of materials and components;


Testing of public and civil buildings such as sports venues, exhibition centers, airports, and stations; Inspection of anchor bolts, section steel, high-strength bolts, anti slip test specimens, combined tensile test specimens, steel plate welds, structural deformation, etc;


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0551-62721678 / 0551-62721128